Monday, 16 July 2012

Another cooking frenzy

So there’s been a small hiatus in blogging while we’ve been sampling the warmth and wonders of the Kingdom of Tonga.  I’ll post an update on our Tongan cooking endeavours soon, but here are a couple of photos to promote the sights that can be found (above and below water) while sailing around the Vava’u islands.

We arrived home to the need for a cooking frenzy – my parents staying, the sister and her family joining us for dinner, and the need to start preparing for lives back at work and school.  Saturday was family dinner night – a perfect excuse for a signature dish – so flattened chooks were scheduled in [recipe here].  Happily, the sister provided one pre-flattened chook and a mountain of peeled potatoes, so we were off to a flying start.  I felt the need to complement the roast with a contrasting light and cool dessert, so an Orange Souffle was whipped into shape as well [recipe here].

The next day, after a slow post-holiday start to the day, the frenzy was back in action – lamb shanks for dinner [recipe to come], beef tagine for the week ahead/freezer [recipe to come], and soup for my lunches at work.  By the end of Sunday, I was done with cooking!

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