Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dinner Party Club “From Scratch” Menu

It seems that we’ve barely recovered from the Degustation Menu, and it’s time for another dinner party club.  This time, the Urban Gardeners are hosting a “From Scratch” theme, in order to soothe the She-Urban Gardener’s need to make mascarpone from scratch.

We started with the Visitors from Hawkes Bay providing little cheesy biscuits with bubbly – I was clearly so excited by the little cheesy biscuits that photography was forgotten, and then they were gone!  So, little cheesy biscuits are definitely a good thing to make from scratch.
The MOTH was keen to try his hand at pâté [recipe to come], so he made delicious pâté, while I experimented with breads – brioche and spelt.

Some red onion jam completed the entrée.
The main was a delicious beef pie, made by the Bean Counters.
The Creative Cooks rustled up a salad, along with asparagus (some home-grown) and hollandaise made with HOME MADE BUTTER!  Wonderful.
The Urban Gardeners made a wonderful baked cheesecake, with the base biscuits made and then crushed, the mascarpone made from scratch, and raspberry coulis to top it off.

Just to make sure there was no room left, the Visitors from Hawkes Bay added these little morsels to finish us off.
It was another successful evening.  To round things off, our rhodos are flowering... I don't know the name of this one, but it provides a lovely flash of sunshine.

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